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Raptor Barrage

Raptor Barrage


10% Off Fireworks Over £50

  • Raptor
  • Very wide bursts from each of the 30mm diameter tubes. 5 shots of red comet  tail with red & green star burst, 5 shots silver comet tail with silver palm burst, 5 shots red comet tail with silver swirling bursts, 5 shots of silver comet tail with white glitter and crackling bursts, 6 shots of silver comets with green palm bursts and 6 green mines with crackling effects. 
  • Over 18s only 
  • Instore collection only
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  • Firework Safety

    Fireworks are designed to be enjoyed by all ages and we're keen to ensure your night goes off as smoothly as possible. By following the below points will help your evening stay mis-hap free.

    Fireworks can be purchased only by someone aged 18 or over.

    Fireworks may NOT be used in a public place.

    Keep all fireworks in a closed box.

    Follow the instructions on each firework - they are there for a reason.

    Light all fireworks at arms length and never place any part of your head or body above the fireworks when lighting.

    Once a firework is lit, retire immediately to distance prescribed on the firework.

    NEVER go back to a firework once lit.

    NEVER put a firework in your pocket.

    NEVER throw a firework.

    Children MUST wear gloves when handling sparklers and they MUST be supervised by an adult at all times. We recommend once a sparkler is finished to immediately place the sparkler into a bucket of water.

    Direct any rockets away from spectators.

    Ensure your garden is suitable for the type of firework. There should be no overhanging trees, structures or cables to restrict the fireworks' path. For fan cakes, which contain angled tubes, ensure the garden is wide enough to avoid the firework hitting buildings or any other obstruction.

    Keep pets indoors.

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